PSA Play’in


With gamification in a mobile app!
The Play’in application is a DIGITAL challenge for all employees and customers of Groupe PSA. #Meet our Clients
The happy customer goes through a happy employee.
Play’in is a serious game that will allow its users to get to know the PSA group better with more than ten games.

Launched in Spain in the summer of 2018, the application will be deployed in other countries from September 2018.

As an employee, create your pilot account, invite a customer to join your team and access your profile.
> You are a fan of the PSA group, join a team available at random.
> Play with your team and try to win lots of prizes.
> Find your history and the current classification.
> Communicate with your pilot or co-pilot via the app chat.
> Answer the questions asked every day and earn points to win the Championship!
> 3 new questions per day, one new race per week.


An iPhone and Android mobile application, managed by a CMS backoffice in several languages for several countries. An addicting game with a push notifications strategy to increase retention. (sounds, start and end of game, daily, weekly, …)

Many games available:
> Selfie challenge
Meet the client: Participants must take a photo of themselves together!
> Puzzle
Put the puzzle in order to find the picture.
> MCQ (images, videos, audio)
Answer the question in the form of multiple choice questions from different media.
> Gauge
Position the cursor on a gauge to answer the question.
> Answers in order
Put the answers in order to answer the question.
> Swipe
Swipe left or right to answer the question if it is correct.
> Put in order
Find the sentence by putting the words back in order.


> + 15% of participants
> Many selfies
> Better knowledge of the group by customers and employees
> Many prizes won

iOS Objective C Java API Symfony Back Office AWS

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